I hate pain


Today is like sooooooo overbearing, sleep just wasn’t my friend until daybreak.Generally that’s normal for me since i suffer from insomnia, what has me annoyed is that i was kept awake due to pain.

Yes i said pain. 😥

Around the time i found out about my pregnancy i had to be rushed to the hospital compliments of an abnormal pain in the right of my abdomen.Which was later discovered to be fibroids…..Bloody fibroids.

Figure-4-Transvaginal-ultrasound-performed-4-weeks-after-uterine-fibroid-embolization….Tests were followed out and i was put on bed rest for three days, worst days of my life for everything had to be done for me.Couldn’t even move out of bed when i needed to pee.Make it worst there was a patient besides me who cried every day(later learned she was dying of cancer 😦 )…

Eventually all was well, no surgery could be done for risk of injury to my unborn.But on the bright side it was far from her and not harmful in anyway.As expected i was given painkillers and other things to take in order to help me along the way.Now the pain is coming back in full force, for little Amelia is outgrowing the space within my womb and adding pressure towards the area of the fibroids.

She is sooooooo active now there is no peace for me today.Each minute i try to get her to just relax and ease my pain a bit, but it’s like a game to her for then she kicks me really hard…..Sigh….

My entire day was planned out now i have no choice but to stay in bed and just ride it out….Mom laughs at me because i’m arguing with a fetus, all i could think of replying is “i’ll leave her for you when she is born and run away” (hides face) only comeback i could think of under my pain.

Just gonna play her some music and see if that helps, for as much as i love her i just want a few minutes of silence without pain…..Is that to much to ask for???


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