After a whole day been bossed around by Amelia i finally get some peace and ease from the pain she has been causing all day.Wanna guess how??

By reading kids stories stories ……

My little one just wanted a bit of attention and to listen to her mother’s voice, ain’t that adorable.Now i can just sit back watch my show( orange is the new black) and hopefully i’ll get a nap…………….

At least now i know the solution to relaxing her when restless 🙂


7 thoughts on “Finally…..

      1. I don’t want to get to pesonal on here because everything ain’t for everybody…

        I was treated like shit my whole child hood and ever sence I was young I wanted kids.

        Just so I can show them what was never shown to me…

        And I would always have some one out there who gives a shit Weather I live or die… you feel me…

        Idk yo…

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