Depression,Frustration & Emotions

Hormones……Blasted hormones.Oh how i hate you, one minute am happy next am grumpy.Some days i just want to scream others i just feel to cry.Funny thing is that u can’t really control it, instead try to suck in your lips and just ride it out.

Been a pregnant woman isn’t an easy task and it sure as hell not a peaceful one.I’m constantly at war within my mind, trying to find ways to calm my racing thoughts.Anxiety overwhelms me, keeping me prisoner to my frustrations.


Most of the time i worry what kind of mother would i be?How can i always ensure that am always doing what’s best for my daughter?What kind of future will i be able to provide for her?Will i always be able to make her happy?Just random sometimes silly thoughts race through my mind until i give myself a mental shake down to just relax and take a deep breath.

Some days i wanna tell the world to just buzz off and leave me be.Why can’t men suffer like we do?Bet they wouldn’t last a second.

I get so depressed that i would lay in bed all day not feeling to move to bathe or do anything (sounds nasty when i say that out loud lol), obviously though i gotta get off my butt to pee, and eat because of my food demanding tummy resident who kicks the daylights out of me if i don’t move.


Emotions are just all over the place, like i can’t have a decent convo without some how feeling to cry.Never have i ever been able to verbally express myself but give me a paper and a pen and i can write you an essay.Even just typing this out is calming my frail mind.

Sigh…….Starting to feel like i’m babbling now so am gonna stop before i bore you lol…


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