Thinking while i wait

A Lot of respect and admiration is what i have for these doctors and nurses/midwives, although i’m not a fan of them for years i’ve silently feared them (i don’t know why).In society we need them because come on let’s be real, how would we function without them?????

It takes a special type of person to dedicate their life to ensuring the health of others.When you watch and observe the hell they have to go through in order to reach the point they’re in today is quite admirable and awes inspiring.

Don’t get me wrong there is some really bad nurses and doctors whose only there for the money, but to find a genuinely caring one is a breathe of fresh air.

Every Time i come for a check up i feel at peace, for in this tiny environment i’m surrounded by the warmth of friendliness.Even my fellow preggers all have silent peaceful smiles.My little one does tiny somersaults in my tummy while i patiently await my turn.

Silently i think to myself “why didn’t i bring something to snack on” 😦 …….Sigh hopefully the wait shall not be for longer so i can eat to my heart content :)…



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