Baby Naming

When it came to naming my little one it wasn’t that hard for i had fallen in love with the name Amelia years ago.Honestly can’t remember where i saw it but i thought it to be the sweetest, most lovely name ever.So as soon as the ultrasound confirmed that it was to be a girl i began calling her Amelia :)……


Choosing an appropriate name is one of the biggest battle couples have for seldom do they agree on the first or even second name.Compromising is the best solution.Name giving is a universal language.Mothers and fathers generally listen to to family and friends even strangers before bestowing a name to their newborn.

Many find inspiration from the bible, famous singers or maybe celebrities for the perfect name.


I came across some key points to use when naming your child and thought it might help someone out there. 🙂

We can name our kids anything we please but we gotta think of these first

  1. Is the name easily spelt and pronounced
  2. What nicknames/pet names can be derived from it
  3. Do the initials form a word….Is that word objectionable or embarrassing
  4. Is the name so unusual that it draws undesired attention
  5. Be sure the name fits the gender of the child
  6. Use care in naming your baby
  7. Consider how the first name flows into the last
  8. Avoid using a name that’s only cute be versatile
  9. Finally ensure you both agree on it

I hope these points helps 🙂


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