Lazy Times & Active Amelia

The days pass by so sluggishly that at times date and time is of no meaning to me.It’s like i’m stuck in a empty void, unmoveable.

If not for the sun light bursting through the glass windows i wouldn’t know night nor day.

Stepping outside alone is a burden unless i hear the sing song of the trusty ice cream trucks (my guilty pleasure).Then and only then do i wrap up my half nakedness to go treat myself to a chocolate goody.

Clothes is of no importance to me because it confines and drags my very soul down, Obviously when there are visitors then sure i’ll find something decent to throw on and maybe even comb my hair.

But who cares………

Doing my nails or toes is a luxury i don’t indulge in anymore for who am i dressing up for….Yes i should make myself look good for my own, but what if i don’t feel pretty on the inside??Why mask my feelings by glamming up???

Besides looks aren’t everything, i’d rather stay in my undies and sports bra eating icecream and watching videos all day long.At Least am quite comfy, that  is until my little one decides it’s a stretching and kicking party in my tummy. Boy oh boy is she active…..Everyone says it’s her ways of saying “mummy i’m alive and healthy” but some days i literally beg her to relax or i comfort her by rubbing the area i feel the most movement.

She finds the most awkward times to begin her endless twists and turns, either when i’m sleeping peacefully (that’s her favorite)or when on public transportation stuck in traffic….Days like that i wish i could let her dad carry her other days i’m just filled with motherly love watching my unborn causing ripples across my stomach.

Although she makes me question my sanity i can’t wait until i meet my little tummy alien.


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