Don’t Envy Anyone

Celebrities make been pregnant look so easy and full of glamour, well duhhhhh cause they have a whole glam squad a whole team dedicated to making them look good.

They make us envy them in every way….Why should we though???

This is a natural process in which women’s bodies has to go through eventually in their life.In the public eye the celebrities has to remain prim and proper.They can’t have a bad hair day or wear crappy sweatpants in public or anything that may draw negative attention to themselves.

Whereas we get to have tantrums,grumpy days,bad hair days and even stuff our faces in any way we please.No one will judge us  for expressing our emotions and raging hormones can be released in abundance.


That’s just a few of the perks of getting to be you, flaws and all.So why envy those celebrities who lives and emotions are been held prisoners within themselves???

Yes they get the best of everything but they don’t get to enjoy  their pregnancy to the fullest.Never ever envy others but instead embrace the person you are and don’t regret it (at least that’s what i’m doing now).

Don’t get me wrong, it took me some time to wrap my head around been pregnant but after some self searching and emotional support from family and friends i’ve come to accept and embrace it.Now all i do is watch my little one moving and kicking around in my tummy (hurts at times).I talk to her and sing to her.As it is my world revolves around my unborn.



In a nutshell am just encouraging every mom-to-be to just enjoy that intimate time with your tummy alien 🙂


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