Aches + Pains = Yoga

In need of a personal massage therapist………………………………………….

If it isn’t one pain it’s the other, like can i get a break pleaseMy body is going through so many physical changes that its overbearing.

My breast hurt, my feet hurt and don’t even mention my waist.It’s the worst pain of all.Try to imagine this heavyweight plus tiny pins resting in the middle of your waist.Not a pretty picture now is it 😦 , i’ve learned that the intense pressure is caused due to my growing abdomen.Only real solution to relieving some of the pain is by staying active (easier said than done).

Most days laziness consumes me thus causing the pain to increase.

To relax my body and mind i began doing yoga for pregnant women since normal yoga is a major no no.Youtube is an excellent site to find such videos and bit by bit i gradually perform some of the seemingly impossible poses. It takes a sense of disciple to keep doing it every single day for like i said before laziness takes over.

Baba-Ramdev-Yoga-AsanasSome stretches which helps with some of my pain.

Gradually i make time to do at least 20 minutes of yoga.First thing i do is trick my mind by mentally saying i’ll only do 10 minutes then in no time it turns to 20.When you’re a lazy pants like me then tricking the mind is the only way to get the body to do what you want.

My goal is to hopefully one day to just want to do yoga just because and don’t have to talk myself into it each and every time, besides yoga can be quite relaxing both for the body and overly active mind of a frustrated woman……




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