So i’m 25 weeks pregnant now, that’s the point where you know the sex of the baby (its a little girl fyi) and i can feel all her little kicks and turns…

Sometimes it’s quite painful other times i’m just overwhelmed and fascinated about it all.Like at times it’s like i have got this little food demanding alien living inside me which has complete control of my bladder and thinks its free room service 24/7.

Lets face it , i’m sounding like a big baby myself and not ashamed.If you have gone through this before then you will understand and maybe sympathize with me…..Having a child growing inside you is a full time job all on its own.

From the itchy skin,to the cravings (oh god don’t get me started on the cravings),even to the aching waist and breast…It’s not glamorous but has it perks too.For you get treated differently and can get away with certain things.

But each day is truly a challenge for sure,one i shall get through and that’s a promise.


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