Daily Routine!!!

Just writing “daily routine” made me laugh out for no way in hell do i keep to a proper schedule.Don’t get me wrong , i make lists upon lists of things that need doing but never really stick to them.I’m not that organized but then again who really is??


what i really do is the following;

  1. wake up (what ever time i want)
  2. find something to eat
  3. check my messages
  4. take a shower to try keeping cool
  5. watch something on solarmovie.sc or youtube
  6. read a book (maybe)

when in truth what i really want to do on a daily base is;

  1. wake @ 7:00am
  2. eat something healthy
  3. do some yoga
  4. take a shower
  5. clean up the house
  6. help my little sister with homework/ something
  7. take a jog on the beach
  8. paint something

But i never follow through with that second list.Mainly my days are pretty much the same unless i go to the beach , or out with family and friends.Otherwise am home most of the time bored out of my mind and craving all types of food.Hence why now i created this blog (hides face)…….

Obviously as time goes by i’ll get better with my writing and maybe more organized (haha big MAYBE) still just typing out my thoughts is already relaxing and putting a smile on my grumpy face guess i’m accomplishing what i set out to do (regain my sanity)….

Until next time hope you enjoyed reading 🙂



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